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Episode 2 - I wanted to see you

The Episode begins that Rin is watching TV. When Kaede comes in the room, She tells Rin that he woke up early. And Rin tells that he try to wake up early tomorrow too. Kaede says that she is going to wake up even earlier tomorrow. Rin says that she already wakes up early enough. After Rin and Kaede are finished with talking, The King of God will yell "Lets go to school!" Rin ask if they can quit with yelling every morning, The King of God tells Rin that the neighbors never complain. Rin tells that they are the neightbors(The king of god and devils). The king of devils says that its natural to pick Rin up every morning. (because they live next to each other and they go to the same school) The king of gods will ask Rin if he hate to walk with sia , Rin tells that he neveer sad that. The king of Devils ask rin if he then maybe dating with someone else, and he s looking at Kaede. Rin will explain that kaede is just his childhood friend. after that The king of devils and gods are now going to discuss about the size of nerine and sia. Sia and nerine will will comes in and sia slaps her father with a chair. now they all going to school together. but a KKK member will appear and Nerine will ask who he is. Rin tells Nerine that he is one of Kaede groupies in the KKK (Kitto kitto Kaede-chan). Sia says that she want one too. after that someone on a Bicycle will come and says that he is the first one to tell his love to Sia and another person will come and he says he is the first one to tell his love to nerine, and he see the pantsu of nerine. Nerine and sia are shocked, nerine will use her powers and a huge explosion will come. Now at school everyone will greet rin and slap him on his back. They are now the infirmary at school because Rin's back hurts. Kaede brings a cold towel for Rin. Mayumi will comes in and she says that she has bad news for Rin. Rin will say that nothing can be worse than it is. Mayumi will ask If he doesn't want hear it then. and then the members of SSS (Suki Suki Sia-chan) and RRR (Run Run Rin-chan, nerine will sometimes called by Rin-chan) will come. Mayumi says that she wanted to tell that there are more groups. Rin will run away and the members will now run after Rin. The members are lost him but they see Asa-chan at a table so they ask where rin is. (rin is under the table, but he also sees the pantsu of asa) Asa will tell that she saw nothing. and the members leave. Rin will thank asa. but when he try to leave Kareha will come and says that she brought rin's friend. he will now escape and hide in a Room. now at rin's house Kaede tells Rin that the bad is ready. Rin says that he is coming. The next day Sia and Nerine will ask Keade where Rin is. Kaede doesn't know. (he already left). At school Kaede will ask Rin what happened, rin says that there was nothing. After class Rin will hide in a room again because the members of KKK, RRR and SSS are after him. but when he try's to leave he hears something so he wait. he see Nerine Sia and mayumi talking to each other.(they are talking about the past when they met Rin for the first time.) Back in the classroom Sia will ask Kaede where rin is, Kaede doesn't know but Itsuki say that Rin already left to avoid the groupies. Kaede, sia and Nerine are going home to wait for Rin. Rin is walking on the streets and he is going to a game hall (you can play there games) and there he see a girl. that girl wants a plushie and rin wants to help her but he hasn't money so he says a other time to the girl. When Rin wants to leave The girl will hold Rin's shirt. and the girl will say "Rin". Rin will ask who she is. she ask if rin knows Nerine. she say she finally found Rin. At Rin's house, everyone is there also the king of gods and devils. they where all waiting for Rin. when they see the girl, the king of devils knows her. her name is Primula. Rin says that she can stay at his house, because primula wants that. And now they will having a party.

End of Episode