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Episode 1 - The Man who can become God or Devil

The EP begins when Kaede turns of the alarm clock of Tsuchimi Rin, and tells Rin that he has to wake up and that the dinner ready is. Now Rin will introduce himself and says that he lives now with Keade (his Childhood friend) because, his parents and Kaede's mother died in a accident and since then Kaede has taken care of Rin. After that Kaede and Rin will have breakfast. Rin says that he can just have toast in the morning. After eating, Kaede will give Rin his lunch but she forgot hers. now they will walk to school. When they almost at school a member of the KKK club appears. (KKK = kitto kitto kaede-chan). he say that he and Rin are now going to fight over kaede. so he tries to slap Rin but when Kaede tells that she already dedicated herself with both physically and mentally to Rin-kun, the member will cry. and now kaede will explain to Rin that she was trying to tell that she is going to and not already. Now at school, someone slaps Rin from behind. Its Asa Shigure. (Rin will call her Asa-senpai because she is a 3rd year student). Asa will now greet Rin and says that they walked to school again. Rin ask Asa if she is jealous. Asa says that he should be more carefully by his choose of words, because girls hearts are very delicate. And Rin will say that he is more delicate than Asa is. Asa will grab his arm and everybody stares at them. she ask if that kind of attack is more girly, and then she let go of rin's arm and says that she is just joking and she will leave. Kaede and Rin will go to class but when Rin opens the door of his classroom, Midoriba Itsuki will jump at rin (he thinks he has Kaede). Rin will punch him and they will go inside the classroom. Rin will ask Itsuki why he always after Kaede and not other girls. Itsuki says that Mayumi's flat chest isn't fun Mayumi will now appears and talk about breast. She also tells that they have a transfer student tomorrow. After class is over, The teacher wants to talk with Rin. The teacher will ask if rin remembers a other race when he was a kid, and rin doesn't remember. After that Rin will ask Kaede if they can go home together but she can't because she is going to the cooking club with Asa. Asa and Kahera (Kahera = Asa's friend) will come to Kaede's classroom and says that Kaede wants to make delicious food for rin, she slaps him and says that he is a lucky guy. Mayumi will come and tells the class that they have 2 transfer students, both from a other race. a demon and a god. Asa will ask rin if he is not interested and rin says he is not. Asa, kahera and Kaede will leave now and Rin will go home alone. but first he is going to buy some food. He will now meet a girl at the supermarket. And that girl can't choose of which she should buy so she ask Rin. Rin helps her and she says thanks and good bye(she will say goodbye with rin's name so apparently she knows Rin). When Rin is going home he will meet another girl that is singing. The girl will stop singing when she knows that someone is listening to her. She will say hello to Rin (The girl calls him Rin-sama so she knows Rin too) If Rin is home he start asking himself why they know his name because he doesn't know them. but he doesn't care. The next day the transfer students arrives at school with there fathers. The transfer students are the 2 girls that Rin met yesterday. Sia and Nerine. The fathers are saying that he has to take care of there daughters. Rin doesn't know what this is all about and Sia will hit her father with a chair and says he must stop with weird things. Sia and Nerine will introduce them self to the class. Rin ask why he has to take care of them and Nerine's Father says that Rin has to marry one of them (he has to choose). after the class is over Rin and Kaede are going home. Sia and Nerine and there fathers will follow them. Rin ask why they following him and they saying that they live next to him.

End of the Episode

Screenshots of the Episode: